Fire Risk Assessment

Venn Farm, Kings Nympton, EX37 9TR

Assessor: Zoe Elkins, Director

Date: 3/10/23

Date of Review 31/2/24

Identify hazards:

Sources of ignition:

Electrical wiring and appliances

All electrical appliances are pat tested annually

All fuse boxes have RCD protection

Electrical certification is in place date 2020

Trailing leads and adaptors are avoided where possible

Safe use guidance has been provided to guests for the following equipment:

Hair dryer


Electric oven/hob


Night storage heaters

Infrared panel heaters


Naked flames:

BBQ & Fire pit; safe use guidance has been provided for guests, BBQs and fire pits are situated a safe distance from the cottages

Cigarettes; smoking is not allowed in or near the cottages, only in the permitted smoking area by the laundry; ashtrays are provided

Candles / other naked flames; are not allowed in the cottages or anywhere on the land

Charging large electrical items like electric bikes:

Charging of large electrical items like electric bikes or scooters is prohibited

Fuel present:

Property is made of cob and stone

Furniture complies to fire safety standards

Domestic waste; guests are advised to use the small waste bins provided and decant to external waste bins regularly

Cleaning products and aerosols; guests are advised not to leave cleaning products or aerosols near sources of heat

Fire lighters and matches are kept in a fire safe tin away from sources of heat

The properties are secured to prevent unwanted access and guests are reminded to lock the cottages when they go out

Combustible materials and waste are stored away from the cottages

The housekeeping is of a high standard to avoid the build-up of combustible materials and waste, and ducts and filters are regularly cleaned

Only qualified contractors are used

Persons at risk:

Pheasant Cottage is a 2 bedroom property which sleeps up to 4 guests

Owl Cottage is a 3 bedroom property which sleeps up to 5 guests

Buzzard Cottage is a 2 bedroom property which sleeps up to 4 guests

Goose Cottage is a 3 bedroom property which sleeps up to 6 guests

There are 2 owner/directors who live on site in the adjacent farmhouse and 1 additional relative who resides in the annex 

Means of escape:

Each cottage is a small 2 storey terrace cottage

There are no inner rooms

The front door is the fire escape door which is unlocked with a thumb turn

All bedroom doors are nominal fire doors

There is emergency lighting at the top of the stairs which can be used as a torch, and will automatically come on in the event of a power cut

Additionally there is a wind up torch at the top of the stairs which is not reliant on battery or mains power

The cottages are kept free of clutter with minimal furniture, stairways and hallways are kept clear and guests are advised to keep these areas free of clutter during their stay

All doors and windows are checked at every changeover

Fire alarm and fire detection:

Smoke and heat alarms have been fitted on the upstairs landing and the downstairs open plan kitchen/living area, these are tested at every cottage clean and changeover, are hard wired and radio linked.

There is a fire bell located by the stable which can be sounded to alert all guests and residents to a fire risk

Fire fighting equipment:

A fire extinguisher which is deemed suitable for electrical fires and small kitchens, and fire blanket is available in the downstairs open plan kitchen/living area and another fire extinguisher on the upstairs landing. The fire extinguisher is dated 2019 and has a 5 year warranty.

Guests are informed that they should only attempt to extinguish a fire if it is safe to do so and their priority is evacuation.

Evacuation procedure:

The cottages can be exited via the front door

In the event of a fire guests are asked to exit the building as quickly and as safely as possible without delaying to collect belongings

Guests are asked to call the fire brigade on 999 immediately and to raise the alarm by activating the fire bell which is located by the stables and to gather on the concrete yard in front of the games barn

Record keeping:

Records are kept of the housekeeping, torch, door and fire alarm checks conducted on changeovers, the annual PAT testing and the 5 yearly electrical inspections