Land and Facilities

Available on site

Acres of sloping meadows, woodland and orchards roll out before the cottages. A natural pond feeds a babbling brook which meanders through the woods, attracting a plethora of wildlife. Guests are free to explore the land, which is connected to a network of public footpaths.  There is plenty of space available for games, indoor and outdoor children’s play areas, and a secure dog exercise field. We keep a variety of livestock, including alpacas, horses and chickens. Guests are welcome to get involved in meeting and feeding the animals and gathering eggs for breakfast.

Our Games Barn makes the perfect rainy day haven; kids can make use of the toys and trampoline, while the adults curl up on the sofas; delve in the games trunk, rummage the bookshelf or play some table tennis. We also have a washing machine available for guest use if required.

Enjoy a soak in our private hot-tub, and watch the sun set over the valley. Guests can book the tub for one hour (£25) or two hour  (£40) slots, complete with complimentary bathrobe and flip-flop hire. We operate a booking system for our single hot tub to conserve water and reduce our carbon footprint. (£10 cancellation fee if booking is cancelled with less than 24 hrs notice)

We have a small car park on site with allocated parking for 1 car per cottage. Additional cars are very hard for us to find places for, and as such, we strongly urge our guests to just bring 1 car per cottage. If you do require a second vehicle, we require a small surcharge of £15, any profits from which are donated to the Devon Wildlife Trust as part of our greener travel initiative.

From open-fire camp cooking, to wildlife watching, star-gazing, hot-tub soaking, hammock lazing, rummaging through the games trunk or just curling up with a good book, there’s plenty to do on site.