Alpaca Experiences at Tangled Bank

Alpaca Walking

Get up close and personal with the Tangled Bank Alpaca Herd! Alpacas are wonderfully inquisitive, peaceful creatures who bring joy to everyone that meets them.

Our alpaca walking experiences last approximately an hour, and include a safety briefing and short talk, a stroll across the meadow to meet and feed our older alpacas Virgil and Raisin, followed by a one kilometre gentle walk with José and Chester, our younger males. The walk is completely off-road, and will take you around the Tangled Bank farmstead and meadows. There will be lots of opportunities for photographs, and alpaca food is included in the price. The walk itself usually takes around 30-40 minutes, walking at alpaca speed (which is not very fast!) and there is plenty of time available at the end to sit quietly with the boys and get to know them a bit more. Alpacas are very relaxing to be around, and you will enjoy listening to them chat quietly to one another and to you!

Alpaca experiences are only available to guests staying in our cottages.

Guests are advised to wear appropriate clothing for the day and sturdy outdoor footwear, and must be able to walk a kilometre including a fairly steep slope and some rough ground. If you can’t walk the full kilometre please discuss your individual requirements with us and if we can we will work with you to tailor an alternative experience which could meet your needs.


Virgil was born in 2013, and before coming to Tangled Bank in 2020 he worked as a stud. He looks back fondly on those days! These days he enjoys a quieter life in the big meadow with Raisin. In the winter months when his coat is at its biggest Virgil sometimes get mistaken for a passing cloud!


Raisin has been at Tangled Bank even longer than us – as far we know he has spent his whole life here, he was born in 2015. Raisin lives with Virgil in the big meadow, and sees it his life’s mission to raise the alarm if he sees a dog he doesn’t like the look of!


José came to us in October 2022, and before that spent the first two years of his life at Rosebud Ranch in Kings Nympton. José is very friendly, and once he trusts you, loves nothing more than a neck scratch and a tickle under the chin! His other interests include chasing the ducks and annoying the chickens!


Chester was born in 2021 and came to Tangled Bank in October 2022. He is super talkative; we call him Chatty Chester because he does love to have a natter with our guests! He takes it upon himself to monitor the hot tub, and will usually pop by the fence to say hello if you are enjoying a dip.


£15 per person for the first two guests, £5 per person for up to four more guests

Please note we only have two alpacas who are able to come on our walks, and we can take a maximum of 6 guests on a single walk.


Gift vouchers for our alpaca walking experiences are available to purchase. Gift vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash.

A voucher entitles you to take part in an alpaca walk as detailed on the voucher or suitable alternative, at a date to be arranged up to the expiry date. Please contact us at least 1 month before the expiry date to arrange your alpaca walking experience.

Full Terms and Conditions and health and safety instructions can be found here